Rehearsal and Lineup Information

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Commencement Rehearsals

A rehearsal for the Commencement ceremony will be held Wednesday, May 15, at the East Campus Athletic Village, Arena Gymnasium. Undergraduate and Graduate students are asked to attend at 10 a.m. While we do expect graduates to attend the rehearsal, we realize that people have special circumstances that may prohibit them from attending. If that is the case, please look at the lineup map before Commencement so you know where you will be in the procession and in the ceremony.

Day of Commencement Lineup Information

Students should plan to arrive no later than 7:30 a.m. at Edgehill Terrace, located at the north end of the East Campus Athletic Village directly below Stacwyck Apartments. At the lineup area, there will be signs and volunteers stationed to direct students to the correct location. Students will line up by school, degree, and major (alphabetical within your major).

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