Important Commencement Reminders

We look forward to celebrating with you safely as we quickly approach Commencement on Saturday, May 21. Please thoroughly review the following policies and protocols to ensure you are in compliance with Rensselaer health and safety policies and protocols. 

May 2022 Graduates

1. You must schedule your on-campus COVID-19 test by Thursday, May 12. Testing will take place in the Alumni Sports & Recreation Center (AS&RC). 

  • If you plan on attending the President's Colloquy on Friday, May 20, you must schedule your on-campus test in DIAL for Wednesday, May 18, between 9 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. Registration is required for the President's Colloquy. 
  • If you only plan on attending Commencement on Saturday, May 21, you must schedule your on-campus test in DIAL for either Wednesday, May 18, between 9 a.m. and 3:45 p.m., or Thursday, May 19, between 9 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. 

2. If you will be in Troy between the end of finals and graduation, please continue to participate in on-campus COVID-19 testing the week of May 9-13. This week, testing is available on Thursday, May 12, between 9 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. at the AS&RC. Attend testing on that day. 

3. If you will not be in Troy between now and Commencement, attend testing as described in #1 above. 

August and December 2021 Graduates

1. Schedule your on-campus COVID-19 test in DIAL by Thursday, May 12 (see #1 above for testing dates and times). Only August and December graduates who cannot attend the designated on-campus testing dates and times due to extenuating circumstances must bring documentation of a negative result from a PCR test taken 48 hours prior to Commencement. You must test on either Thursday, May 19, or Friday, May 20. Rapid antigen tests will NOT be permissible. We highly recommend that you utilize our free, on-campus testing facility to ensure access to PCR testing and timely results. If you choose an external facility for testing and do not receive your negative PCR results within 48 hours, by 8 a.m. on Saturday, May 21, you will NOT be able to attend or participate in the in-person Commencement ceremony. There will be NO exceptions to this policy on site, on Saturday, May 21. 

Uploading External PCR Test Results 

Only August and December graduates who MUST utilize external PCR testing may upload results to DIAL beginning Thursday, May 19, at 8 a.m. through Friday, May 20, at noon. If you receive results after that time, bring them with you to check-in at Commencement on Saturday morning. 

If you tested positive for COVID-19 since February 20, 2022, do not obtain a pre-arrival COVID-19 test as you might test positive again, despite having recovered from your illness. Instead, upload an electronic or paper document to DIAL that documents one of the following: 

  • Laboratory titer report showing positive antibody evidence to COVID-19 infection
  • Laboratory report showing positive COVID-19 test 
  • Note from your physician’s office documenting the COVID-19 infection 

If you are a May graduate who tested positive for COVID-19 since February 20, 2022, you do not need to upload any information because it is already documented in our system.

Reminder to All Graduates Participating in Commencement on Saturday, May 21:

1. Sign the Commencement Community Health and Safety Agreement in the Student Health Portal by Thursday, May 12. 

2. Log your daily interactions, activities, and wellness check in DIAL by 10 a.m. each day. May 2022 graduates should continue logging this information each morning and August and December 2021 graduates should begin logging this information on Wednesday, May 18. 

3. Upload COVID-19 vaccination and booster documentation to DIAL by Thursday, May 12.

4. Participate in COVID-19 testing. In adherence with Rensselaer health and safety protocols, if your COVID-19 test is positive, you will not be permitted to attend or participate in the in-person Commencement ceremony. 

5. Share the guest requirements with your guests. 

6. Follow all Commencement health and safety protocols

For details on requirements 1-6, review the communication sent on Friday, May 6. To review your compliance status with each of the items above, log in to DIAL. If you fail to complete the items above, you cannot participate in Commencement. 

Review information on parkinghelpful tips, and more.

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